Mar 1

Zippy's App Brings Task Management with Insights and Analytics to iOS


Zippy - Tasks & Reminders has launched on the #iOS! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Website: http://www.gotZippy.com/

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zippy-tasks-and-reminders/id789901295?ls=1&mt=8


Zippy is a task management and reminder app that…

Interesting app, especially the insight possibilities to evaluate my workflow! …. will give it a try!

Feb 1

Taking Action on Feeds with Mr Reader for iPad [Sponsor]

Excellent review on my favourite RSS reader of all times, Mr Reader for iPad!

Read about how to change the layout, create your own, navigate between articles & add actions to other services such as Evernote, OmniFocus & Pinboard!

Feb 1

The Feed Reader Reviews: Six Months Later

Excellent review of different RSS services! Well worth reading if you want to know about your alternatives.

Dec 4

One more reason to use Scrivener for thesis writing

Very useful tip on how to edit several text snippets at the same time in Scrivener, the best writing tool for theses, PhDs or any writing project for that matter!

Haiku Deck updates iPad app, launches web-based cloud version

If you want to use an excellent presentation tool, that is more visual than most other apps including Keynote, try out Haiku Deck for the iPad, now available online too! Easy integration with picture search (Creative Commons), it includes copyright information automatically and has several export options. Just blows your mind!

Very useful advice on how to think about your daily to-do list! Your tasks should reflect your long-term goals and not just be an endless list of things you want/would/could/should be doing!

Productivity Tip: When and how to use paper vs software

very useful tips on how to find your own workflow, paper & digitally combined

Oct 9

How to Empty Your Email Inbox | Garrick van Buren

Your email programme should not be your to-do list. It is simply an inbox for communications & potential to-dos ……

"Your work is in your calendar – not your inbox. Schedule your days as if every obligation is a it-takes-months-to-get-reservations-at-this-place appointment. It is. Nature abhors a vacuum. Especially when that vacuum is your iCal. If you don’t block off time to do your work – it will be quickly eaten up by pointless meetings, inane conversations, and trolling Facebook. Mapping your day on your calendar – especially a week or two in advance will give you greater confidence, more control over interruptions, and a stronger sense of what is important."

Oct 5

Automate All The Things: How To Get Started With IFTTT

IFTTT offers an excellent way to automate your workflow online …. now also available on the iPhone!

★ The Planning Fallacy

Excellent point by Sven Fechner at SimplicityBliss on why our planning always overestimates our time and energy capacity:

"There seems to be no silver bullet or light bulb moment that fixes the problem, instead you can apply some tactics to get along with it better:

- Use a “Next Action” list instead of a daily todo list and work off it as much as you can while dealing with all the ad-hoc stuff showing up – this list represent commitments you need to get done, there is no obligation to complete all or any of them today
- If a daily todo list is important to you – and this is about tasks you want to do today, not those that are genuinely due today – keep it down to 2-3 entries
- If you have the habit of overloading your daily todo list just plan as usual and then shave off 2/3 from the list
- Just admit and accept that there is not only pre-defined work, but also meetings, conference calls and emails that will alter the day’s schedule – only the magnitude of alteration is the variable

Eventually it is all down to setting expectations with yourself. If you set out to complete 30 tasks at the start of the day and end up with just 7 ticked close of business, you are naturally disappointed. When your initial target was 3 pieces of pre-defined work and you ended up doing 5 because less ad-hoc work came in, your after work beer tastes just twice as good.”